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LibreOffice Project

LibreOffice is a free and open source software that is availbale online and provides acomplete office solution. The application is available in more than 30 languages and can be installed on many operating systems including: Windows, Mac OS and Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, SuSE and others.

To enhance the Arabic language support in LibreOffice and to participate in solving related bugs as well as contribute to the improvement and development of the LibreOffice product, the National Program for Free and Open Source Software Technologies (Motah) at King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) in Saudi Arabia has launched a LibreOffice localization project.

The project is one of the activities of Motah program at KACST, where several software products in various fields are studied to explore the extent of their Arabic support and their suitability to the needs of Arab users. Thereafter, Motah team will participate in improving the selected software products to meet those needs and requirements. LibreOffice was selected to be the first localization project because of its importance as an office application where its functions are needed by all computer users.

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LibreOffice Project

Description Bug No
Motah development team solved bug No. 59892 in LibreOffice. 59892
Motah development team solved bug No. 59889 in LibreOffice. 59889
Motah development team solved bug No. 59117 in LibreOffice.The bug is related to, Cell Borders of last(Right most) coumn is missing in RTL Table in impress. 59117
RTL EDITING: merge cell destroys table, borders incorrect for new table.In impress and draw, when you create an RTL table, The merge function is not working properly, the resulting table after merge is incorrect. 42387
switching between sheets with different directionality hides the + button for new sheet 56970
presenter console RTL support needs completion 57422
RTL UI: Movement of embedded objects is opposite to the change direction 56412
RTL Toolbar icons order becomes opposite when in OLE object edit mode 43901
RTL UI toolbar view mirrored (docking and expand at the wrong side) when Insert Object Formula 42577
Add shortcut for enlarg and reduce font size CTRL + ] and CTRL + [ for impress and draw 51716
Bug 43210 - preview before printing in RTL lang, the 1st page is from left"In writer, even thou the GUI and the writing lang is RTL, when previewingbefore printing, the furst page is in the left of the second page, which isuncorrect for RTL lang.steps for reducing:creat a document with 2 or more pagesno matter what, the first page is in the left of the second page." 43210
list box contents should be same direction/alignment as sheet, not the interface 44925
Create a keyboard shortcut for "Page Preview" 40014
Field labels truncated in Bibliography database dialog 34792
RTL support in broken in presenter Console extension 42070
the bug:If you want to put a pages number for your document you will see that they are no Arabic numbering are there. The bug was about missing an Arabic numbering (...ا,ب) option for page number 42558
Enhance the code by removing deprecated functions in the code. Delete the function ImplDelData::IsDelete() replace all callsto it with calls to ImplDelData::IsDead() directly #
Adding Ctrl+w keyboard shortcut for closing XML FILTER SETTING tool in DRAW, As it is common way of closing any dialog window #
Translate comments in the code and submit them (to understand the code submission/approval process) #
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